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About our products:

The Tenka plastering pump is very well optimized compared to similar plastering machines.

Following tests on the construction site, we have made major improvements compared to similar models of pneumatic plastering machines.

The handle for the support of the weight of the mortar has been changed from the horizontal position to the vertical position. Thus, the effort is no longer discharged in the muscles of the shoulders and neck, causing fatigue, but all the effort is directed to the muscles of the arm (biceps), being much easier and more comfortable for repeated lifting.

  Masina tencuit profesionala | Pistol de tencuit | Pompa de tencuit | cuva, aplicator tencuiala, Cancioc, dispozitiv tencuit

Dispersion is done through removable or lockable pneumatic nozzles

Unlike similar plastering pumps where air dispersion is done through simple holes made with a drill in the metal of the gallery, Tenka models have nozzles that can be unscrewed very easily and cleaned of cement or other impurities.

The metal bucket is inclined at an angle of 120 degrees compared to similar plastering pumps that have a bucket at 90 degrees. Thus, we managed to considerably ease the handling of the plastering machine when loading the mortar. In addition to the manual horizontal trigger, the pneumatic valve is provided with a filter to retain impurities from the compressor hose.

1, 2 or 3 nozzles can be used according to preference, for the controlled throwing of the mortar on the masonry.

For the application of the sprays for mortar adhesion (splitting the wall) it is recommended to use only one hole, the other holes being covered with the covers provided.

For the application of the coarse mortar (primer), 2 or 3 holes are used, depending on the user's preference.

Durable and light manufacturing materials. The Tenka device is made of resistant materials: aluminium tank, shiny stainless steel lance, pneumatic gallery made of polyurethane materials and the handle made of resistant material (with or without metal insert). Are you looking for a plastering machine for small budgets that will help you complete house repairs in record time and with professional quality?

Discover our high-performance plastering machine, equipped with advanced technology. Efficient, reliable and affordable, this plastering machine will allow you to get a perfect finish every time and will save you time and effort. Stop wasting time and money on manual plastering.

Order our plastering machine now and take advantage of our special limited offer! Do you want to complete your home repairs in record time without sacrificing the quality of the end result? Trust our budget plastering machine, the professional tool that will bring confidence and safety to your projects. This modern and affordable machine, equipped with advanced technology, will allow you to enjoy a simple and efficient plastering process.

The increased air flow and lockable / adjustable nozzles will give you a perfect professional finish every time, guaranteeing satisfaction and flawless results. Made of quality materials, this machine will be a smart, reliable and durable investment, guaranteeing an efficient long-term plastering process. Stop wasting time and money on manual plastering. Upgrade your work on site with our high performance plastering machine and you will feel the difference it makes to your work. You will be impressed by how much time and effort you will save and the perfect finish you will achieve every time . Take advantage of our special limited offer and buy our car now at an affordable price. Order now and start enjoying the simple and efficient plastering process with confidence and safety

Minimum compressor requirements

Hobby: The compressor required to operate the Tenka plastering pump must have a minimum of 50 liters, 8-10 bars. You can find an example of a 50 liter compressor, which I have tested and guarantee that it works very well, here

Professional : If you have a team of craftsmen and plaster without breaks, you need a compressor of at least 100 liters. There is a backup solution in case you have a weaker compressor (eg 25 liters). you can cover one of the 3 nozzles (blocking caps are included in the package). Thus, the pressure of the compressor and the volume will be divided into 2 outputs and the device will work optimally.

Accessories and spare parts.

The package contains the plastering machine, two blocking caps for controlling the mortar outlet holes, invoice, warranty certificate, technical instructions for use. Also, at the customer's request and depending on the available stock, the following accessories can be included in the package for a fee: pneumatic hose with the length desired by the customer, package with spare accessories (pneumatic nozzles, blocking caps, collar).


Very high coverage speed. For the application of wall preparation sprays, the device manages to cover in approx. 9 seconds/ sq. For the application of the mortar at a thickness of approx. 1.5 cm, the device manages to cover in approx. 30 seconds/m2 with a minimum of effort. A professional mechanized or classic plaster application device, of superior quality, EASY to use, at the best price on the online market in Romania.

The guarantee and service of the plastering pump are provided in the shortest possible time. The fact that the Tenka plastering machine is produced in Europe, makes the warranty procedures, repairs, consulting and ordering spare parts much easier. Practically, if the device happens to break down, it can be sent by courier and within a few days it will be returned to the customer repaired or reconditioned without additional costs.

Petcu 16.01.2023
Does this compressor work?
Tenka 16.01.2023
It goes to 3 nozzles but with small breaks. If you work with 2 nozzles, it works continuously without problems. Example with a similar compressor at another customer can be found here
holota ionel 12.10.2022
Impeccable service, I ordered a car from Belgium on the Internet, the next day I was contacted by phone in Belgium and they said that at the moment they do not make deliveries in the West, but a lady, I think from the sales office, explained to me that if I have someone in In Romania, I will receive the plastering machine in no more than 3 days. I want to thank first of all the lady who contacted me because I don't know her name anymore and last but not least the company TENKA for the plastering machine. I hope that in the future it will be able to make deliveries abroad. The car works perfectly. I wish you good sales.
Co 12.10.2022
I opted for another 3 years extra warranty. The package arrived...but I don't have any warranty paper. ! The extra warranty is not written on the invoice, but in total it is found.... I want to ask you if the invoice includes a warranty...or should I receive another paper specifying the warranty? Thank you . !
Tenka 12.10.2022
You must have a warranty certificate, invoice, instructions. If something is missing, let me know and we will send it by email immediately.
In the event of a malfunction, my colleagues can find you in the database without asking you for any document, invoice or certificate. If it is written on the invoice, the extra warranty is enough. the clauses are identical to those in the guarantee certificate, only the validity is extended by the invoice.
Cosmin 12.10.2022
The package does not include the warranty. I received the pump and a set of spare parts and accessories. But it seems that the extra warranty was not included either. I will post a picture of the invoice. If you can, please send the guarantee to the e-mail address cocoirimie@yahoo.com, thank you
Tenka 12.10.2022
I forward to my colleagues. It is resolved immediately.
Cosmin . 13.10.2022
Thank you. It's done . I received the guarantee by mail.!
Cosmin 11.10.2022
I would like to know if this pump comes with the high flow gun. I see that gun is no longer in stock. !!
Tenka 11.10.2022
It comes with a gun with increased flow, universal quick coupler "dad" and overpressure protection. (for example, if you work with a single nozzle, the excess pressure will be removed under the trigger of the gun ... it has a valve there) the one on the website is an older model. It is no longer in stock.
Cosmin 11.10.2022
Thanks for the answer... I just placed the order.. I'll keep you updated.. maybe I'll make a video after the compressor arrives.!!
COMPREST SA 11.10.2022
Hello . We are interested in whether this device works with pearlitic plaster or Caminota. Thank you.
Tenka 11.10.2022
It's going well. You have videos from customers on the website.
COMPREST SA 12.10.2022
We already have the gun from you. But we somehow want to enlarge it because the pearlitic plaster is very light and wears out extremely quickly. Can a tub be made in other sizes?
Tenka 12.10.2022
surely. contact us
Tibor 10.10.2022
Hello. I put the car with 5 doors in the basket with the reduced price during the promotion. I had to leave for 3 hours and when I came back to send the order the discount had already expired and the full price appeared in the basket. This phase is not correct!!! Once I put it in the basket, it had to stay with the reduced price.
I gave you preen screen. Can anything else be done? Mercanti
Iulia 30.01.2023
You had to place the order, not just leave it in the basket. That's how I suffered too.
Iulia Sandu 03.10.2022
I notice that some Yato models have appeared online that look a lot like Tenka, at least that red handle. I see that they have 4 holes. What would Tenka have in addition to the other pistols? thank you
Tenka 03.10.2022
1. Lockable nozzles (caps included in the package)
2. 3-year warranty + fast service (overnight)
3. You can spray, you can work with the MP trowel (with a single nozzle)
4. Ceilings can be plastered easily thanks to the nozzles inclined upwards.
5. The threads of the nozzles are metal and not plastic.
6. The handle supporting the tub is cast (solid). In 5 years, no broken handle has ever been returned for warranty or service.

Tip: wherever you want to buy a plastering machine, (China, Italy, Romania) keep in mind 3 essential things.

1. To have lockable nozzles, to be able to work with maximum 3 nozzles and to be able to spray (the spirit) with one nozzle. At 4 nozzles you need a serious compressor. Attention, the splashes do not mean the milk of cement or that juice that was thrown with the shirt on the wall. Splatters mean pulverized mortar the size of a grain of rice (it must scratch if you touch it with your palm). It provides maximum adhesion with thick plaster. And a secret bonus: the sprinkles should not be allowed to dry completely but partially. Load the plaster over the splashes when they are still semi-wet so that the contact socket is both mechanical and chemical.

2. The handle that holds the weight of the mortar tub should be vertical (that is, standing and not lying down). If it is lying down, all the effort is discharged in the shoulders, neck, back. If it is vertical, only the biceps (arm muscle) is required and the neck is relaxed. After a day of plastering, this detail matters. Take a dumbbell or a wine bottle and lift it with your fist horizontally and then vertically. You will understand perfectly what I am saying.

3. Guarantee, service and consultancy should be fast. For example, we solve the courier service in 24-48 hours because we know what it means to block work on the construction site. If a nozzle gets clogged, for example, on the construction site, don't wait to fill out emails and online forms, but call the phone number. written on the device and in 3 minutes a colleague explains how to use it. It's a minor detail, but believe me, it matters in practice.
Mincu 03.10.2022
What do you recommend the models with 3 nozzles or the one with 5 nozzles? which are better and what do these 5 have in addition to the others? Thank you
Tenka 03.10.2022
The model with 5 universal lockable nozzles (walls + ceilings) is the newest and most updated in stock. You can use 1, 2 or 3 nozzles on the walls or 1, 2 nozzles on the ceiling. Compresorul minim testat pentru acest dispozitiv trebuie sa aiba min. 50 litri(butelia), 8-9 bari, 270 l/min. debit aspirat. Orientati-va dupa modelul cu 2 pistoane pt ca are debitul de 400 l/min. Duzele sunt optimizate, pistolul are debit marit si protectie la suprapresiune.
Cele cu 3 duze vor iesi din productie in curand.
Ionut 04.08.2022
Very satisfied with the car, it works exceptionally, note 10
Hi, what model do you have?
Ionut 09.08.2022
The one with 5 nozzles. Which is now on sale on the front page.
Tenka 09.08.2022
Thanks for the feedback
Andrei 03.10.2022
What compressor do you use for it?
Sandu 28.07.2022
Hello! Can I use Baumit Klima White lime plaster with this device? I have a 50l/10bar Einhell compressor. Thank you!
Tenka 28.07.2022
I answered Mrs. Ruxandra below. Regards
Sorin 23.06.2022
Hello! I ordered the plastering machine, it should arrive, my question is, a 50 liter compressor, would it be enough considering that it is just me and my wife working? I saw that they have small engines, are they not overloaded? Don't waste your time with him and waste your money Thank you !!!
Tenka 24.06.2022
It goes without problems. Example here
. In order not to overload the compressor, you can work with 2 nozzles. You have covers included.
Dragos 30.07.2022
And you need 360 liters of air per minute to be able to use it, and if the air pressure is weak it will not spray on the wall.
Ionut 09.08.2022
it goes well with 270 l/min.
Iuliana 22.06.2022
Hello...can you use tenco plus sand for plastering??? Multumesc frumos !
Tenka 22.06.2022
It runs flawlessly.
Sorin 29.05.2022
What connection method does the hose gun have?
Tenka 29.05.2022
Quick coupler father or stud with necklace. At the customer's choice.
Nelu 29.05.2022
Hello, I am interested in a putty for continuous plastering, what do you recommend, please
Tenka 29.05.2022
With this model (the one with 5 nozzles) and a compressor of at least 50 liters, you can work continuously. You have films from our clients on the website. Example here
Dorian 20.04.2022
Served. I have a plaster fence made of solid brick, but it has some joints where you can put your hand through everything. just like in the picture. Can the tenka car cover in depth... approx. 8-10 cm? Of course in several layers and not from the first. I'm interested in whether it has enough strength to cover the joints and holes in the wall in depth. Possibly a short video if possible from your customers. Thanks a lot.
Tenka 20.04.2022
It works very well with a 50 liter compressor. It has enough pressure to fill gaps of 5-7 cm in the first layer. See movies from our customers on the website. Here are some videos:

Video clients-419
Video clients-125
lutzu 11.04.2022
does it go smoothly? or with mp75? which compressor do you recommend for a more modest budget? which will go well? thank you, I was waiting for a reply
Tenka 11.04.2022
We recommend working with classic/manual/traditional material: cement + sand, but the machine works quite well with MP75 as well. we displayed on the website many films from our clients from all over the country. Example: here
Pavel 16.01.2022
I also ordered and I would like to know if I can use the get mp 75 or polystyrene adhesive.
Tenka 04.02.2022
It works, but the use of mechanized plaster is not recommended. it is sticky and you will struggle with it. fall on the ground a lot. mp75 is for hose transport. and not for traditional plastering. You have videos on the website from our customers who have tested the mp75. Example: here
Guzga Marian 05.01.2022
Hello. I would like to know if I can use the interior plaster based on glass fiber plaster in the composition, from ADERA FYBRO-SINIAT.
Tenka 18.01.2022
answer below.
Florin 29.11.2021
Good evening, can it be used with Knauf plaster? Thank you
Tenka 30.11.2021
I answered Mrs. Ruxandra below. Regards
cristi 29.11.2021
Hello, is it possible to do smoothing work with this machine?
Tenka 29.11.2021
Yes, but only with one nozzle (you have blocking caps included in the package) and it must be pulled to the ice cream immediately after .. sfat: In general gletul se incarca foarte usor direct cu gletiera. Nu va complicati cu compresoare si masini de tencuit daca aveti doar de gletuit.
Tutuianu Ionut 07.12.2020
Super super good I've had it for 4 years and I want to say that it was a bad job and I had absolutely no problem with it throwing the material very quickly on the walls and I like that it lays it evenly unlike the trowel that between layers you leave small gaps. worth all the money!
What compressor do you use?
What brand is the device?
Ruxandra 11.08.2021
Does it also work with NHL5 plaster based on hydraulic lime? For sprit it is 1:2 with sand and plaster 1:3/1:4 sand. Is the device good for beginners?
Tenka 12.08.2021
There are hundreds of plastering recipes (with clay, with plaster, with cement, etc.). the simplest test to find out if the device fits well with the plaster you want is the following:

Take the respective mortar with a trowel and turn the trowel 90 degrees. The mortar must fall off the trowel. If it remains stuck to the trowel, it means that even the plastering machine will not be able to throw it completely on the wall and there will be losses.

This problem usually occurs with mechanized plasters that contain additives and plasticizers to make them more pasty to flow through the hose more easily. That's why they are even stickier. But if your plaster passes the test with the trowel, the plastering machine must throw it perfectly.
Find in this video at minute 1.55 the test I am telling you about.
Tenka 12.08.2021
Yes, the device can be used successfully by beginners. We have many women who plastered their walls themselves. See under the heading: -films from our clients-
Dani 06.08.2021
I have to plaster a brick house, what kind of mortar is suitable for this plastering machine and do I also use sand?
Tenka 12.08.2021
It goes with any kind of plastering (both classic and mechanized), but it goes best with classic plastering: multibat + sand (careful coarse and not fine sand) or with plaster made from scratch according to the sand+cement+lime recipe you have here video with this mortar example.
Alin 04.07.2021
What is the cheapest and best compressor you recommend for the 5-nozzle pump? How many liters should the bottle have? what air flow, how many bars and how many pistons and a link if possible. Thank you fine.
Tenka 04.07.2021
Like the cheapest price option, but which does its job well, I recommend: Einhell model (German) 2 pistons, 50 liter cylinder, 10 bar, 400 liter suction flow, 270 liter discharge, low consumption, silent. example here
Traian 19.01.2021
What is the required air flow for optimal operation? Min 80l/hour?
Tenka 20.01.2021
It depends on how many nozzles you use.
Since many customers ask this, I asked my technical colleagues for a clear table with compressor tests. The table can be found here
Traian 08.02.2021
Thank you! Can you also recommend a type of hose, I would need one of about 10 m, should it have a certain diameter?
Tenka 09.02.2021
Inner diameter of 8mm. You can use a simple gas hose. It costs about 3 lei per linear meter and withstands 25 bars. Take at least 15 m to stay at a distance from the compressor. After a day's work, the noise of the compressor can be stressful.
Daniel 03.01.2021
A question? I would like to order a plastering gun...what do you recommend? With 5 nozzles or with 3? Thank you
Tenka 03.01.2021
Sorry for being late. I saw that you already ordered. The model with 5 nozzles completely includes the one with 3 nozzles, but it has 2 more nozzles directed towards the ceiling to make work easier. All nozzles can be locked (you have the locking caps included in the package). The warranty is the same for both models: 3 years
Tenka 03.01.2021
We will soon make a video with resistance tests through which we will demonstrate how hard that plastic is.
Toader 18.12.2020
Where can I find nozzles to buy? I lost one
Find here
RECOMAND!!!!! 03.12.2020
Sorin 26.11.2020
Hello, What hose did you use for the compressor? Thank you!
Raul Monenciu 21.11.2020
I'm also interested in a gun...I want to plaster the walls of a house in BCA. I opted for the Einhell compressor version (tested by you), but I would like to know if there is any difference between the gun with 5 nozzles and the one with 3 nozzles. Since they are at the same price and the one with 5 nozzles also works for plastering ceilings, which I think is a plus compared to the one with 3 nozzles, I would opt for that one. Thank you
Tenka 21.11.2020
There are different prices. It was a promotional price. There will be another promotion in a few days. Both are very good.
The model with 5 lockable nozzles includes the one with 3 nozzles in its composition, because it is made on the same chassis, but the pneumatic gallery has been updated with 2 more nozzles inclined towards the ceiling. It is very possible that the one with 3 nozzles will go out of production for this reason. The one with 5 nozzles is practically universal. All nozzles can be locked/unfolded/cleaned. (you have instructions with pictures)
The warranty is 3 years for both models, so the choice is only subjective.
Raul Monenciu 21.11.2020
You are right. I wasn't paying attention to the price.
Andreea Ichim 07.11.2020
We want to order a tenka pistol but we don't know which model to get and which compressor. It would be nice to receive as little help as possible. The ceilings will be made of plasterboard and the walls will be made of bks25 brick. What mortar recipe do we need to make and what compressor do we need (for approx. 140 square meters). We work relaxed, that is hobbies, and we would like to get out as cheaply as possible. Thank you in advance
Tenka 08.11.2020
The gun with 3 lockable nozzles: link gun

The most frequently used and advantageously priced mortar: mortar link

Cheap compressor (hobby) but tested by us on the model with 3 nozzles: compressor link
Use sand with as large a grain as possible: 0.3 - 0.4 mm
Other mortar recipes can be found in the instructions in the package. Keep up the good work and God help.
Andreea Ichim 08.11.2020
Plastering with cement or plaster is better. Thank you.
Tenka 08.11.2020
It goes with both types, but we recommend plastering with cement. More resistant, more porous, the wall breathes more easily through it, resistant to moisture, and... of course... cheaper. Forum cement vs gypsum
Silviu 03.11.2020
Don't you have 4 nozzles? why only 3 have 5 nozzles?
Tenka 03.11.2020
For 4 years I have completely given up on models with 4 nozzles. The reason is very simple and technical. Compressors on the market have max. 10 bars. To be able to plaster with mortar, you must have at least 3 bars on the nozzle. A device with 4 nozzles results in a pressure of 2.5 bar/nozzle, which means that you will have to sit with it effectively glued to the wall in order to work. The mortar must make the connection with the wall by snapping/cracks and not caress the falling wall. So wherever you buy plastering machines, whether from China or Italy, make sure they have locking caps so you can work with 2 or 3 nozzles.
Tenka 03.11.2020
The models with 5 nozzles also have 3 nozzles for the wall and 2 for the ceiling. But not 4...
C4S 02.11.2020
is the complete system not available (compressor, cylinder, hose)?
Recomand 02.11.2020
Very good. I used it with an einhell 270 l/min suction with 10 bars and 50 liter cylinder. Mortar: tenco with station sand.
Razvan Doinea 02.11.2020
If you want quality, you need a stronger compressor. The compressor you use in the video. That doesn't do the job.
Dorin 02.11.2020
How do I proceed because it was out of warranty last month. I need the gun at the end of the lance because the metal part where it threads is broken. I see that it is not possible to order on the website.
Tenka 02.11.2020
We put it under warranty. call me 0723.323.910
ROBERT 25.10.2020
Tenka 02.11.2020
Imagine filling a jar with nuts and then adding rice. The rice will fill the gaps between the nuts. It's the same with the mortar. The cement completes the sand table. If you put fine sand like cement, the result will be a sticky "paste" that you won't be able to work with even with a trowel. Follow the instructions on the Multibat bag (washed sand 0.3 - 0.5).
Tommy 02.11.2020
great sand is needed
Dorobant Laurentiu 21.10.2020
Are those nozzles consumable? does it wear out at a time? What is the maximum grain size that it supports without clogging? Thank you.
Tenka 23.10.2020
Only compressed air passes through the nozzles. The air in turn pushes the material through other, much larger holes (approx. 2cm diameter). Work with as much sand as possible (0.3 - 0.5). The nozzles do not wear out, but they can be lost as they are very small or the thread can be destroyed if they are forced too much.
Mihnea 13.10.2020
Hello. I have a 24 liter compressor. Can I use it for the gun with 3 nozzles if I cover one nozzle?
Tenka 15.10.2020
It works, but work relaxed with breaks every 5-6 cups. It is best to cover 2 nozzles and work with only one. The 24 l compressor is below the needs of the plastering machine.
Andrei 19.10.2020
Not working . it is weak at 2 nozzles. it works well with a nozzle.
Ioan Mures 02.09.2020
Please tell me which model I would need among the ones with 3 showers or with 5 showers for plastering a fence. Which is more advantageous. I work with multibat and 0.4 sand. Thank you
Tenka 09.10.2020
The model with 3 nozzles.
Alexandru Ursulan 02.11.2020
It came to me with a broken pistol during transport, but the next day I received another new package to replace the defective one. Very prompt. I recommend.
Mirela Marina Ivanov 21.05.2020
A very, very good product. It was a real help in plastering a house in țară. Congratulations to the manufacturer! I say this because we have to promote ourselves and encourage Romanian businesses. A very, very good product. It was a real help in plastering a house in țară. Congratulations to the manufacturer! I say this because we have to promote ourselves and encourage Romanian businesses.
Tutuianu Ionut 07.12.2020
Super quality and a tool that should not be missing from a trade. First of all, it's not that it throws the material on the walls very quickly and saves you time, I like that it lays the material evenly, not like a trowel with large gaps between layers, it's special. I've had it for almost 4 years and I can say that I haven't had any problems with it. take never!
Daniel Amoldovencei 06.09.2020
A m3 of plaster in how long can be thrown on the wall because it is only m2, but the plaster also has a thickness.
Tenka 05.11.2019
If 55 square meters can be done in one hour. Each square meter has an average thickness of 2 cm. The result is that in one hour you can make 55 x 0.02 = 1.1 cubic meters of plaster. (Approx. 8 concrete mixers). In general, the yield is calculated as the surface covered and not as mortar consumption.