Trigger / shut-off valve

This product is compatible with all models of tenka plastering machines except those for ceilings.

The gun is provided with a protection valve under the trigger through which the excess air is discharged.

For example, if it happens that all the nozzles are clogged with mortar, or if you work with only one nozzle, the excess air pressure is released under the trigger of the gun to avoid the danger 

Price: € 56
VAT is not included in this price.

  • Warranty: 1 year
    Consumables / accessories: Yes
    Shipping fees: Depending on your country (minimum cost: € 5)
    Payment methods: Credit Card, Paypal


  1. Details:

The material from which it is made is polyamide PA66 and it is cast from a single piece without assemblies with screws or other joints. The working pressure is between 5-9 bars. Attention below 5 bars the gun will not work in the appropriate parameters.